Integrated Assessment for Effective Climate Change Strategies in New York State

The “Integrated Assessment for Effective Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in New York State" project was undertaken by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) ClimAID science team.  The vulnerability assessment considers the effects of climate change on New York, including rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, and changing weather patterns. The project draws upon both local experience and scientific knowledge by involving numerous stakeholders in eight key sectors: agriculture, communications, ecosystems, energy, ocean coastal zones, public health, transportation, and water resources. Assessing New York’s vulnerability to climate change in these sectors is intended to provide baseline information to inform the development of adaptation strategies.

As part of this initiative, researchers conducted an assessment of present and future vulnerabilities associated with climate change, as well as an economic analysis. The assessment includes the magnitude, spatial extent, consequences to human welfare, and financial costs of climate change, while the economic analysis evaluates how the impacts are likely to affect different sectors of the state’s economy. The publication associated with this effort is considered the in-depth foundational report, from which "Responding to Climate Change in New York State" is based.

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