King County, Washington 2012 Strategic Climate Action Plan

King County’s 2012 Strategic Climate Action Plan (SCAP) summarizes the County’s efforts in addressing climate change, outlining the county’s most critical goals and priority actions for preparing for climate impacts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The plan is designed to inform policy and budget decisions, and to serve as the framework for annual reporting along with the County’s energy, green building and environmental purchasing programs. The plan responds to King County Council Ordinance 17270, which required the county executive to develop a strategic climate action plan by 2012, and update the plan in 2015.   

The SCAP is organized around five goal areas of climate change action, both within King County’s internal government operations and in the services the County government provides to the community. Four of the goal areas focus on reducing GHG emissions including: Transportation and Land Use, Energy, Consumption and Materials Management, Forests and Agriculture. The fifth goal area, 'Preparing for Climate Change Impacts', involves adaptive strategies. In each area, the plan integrates the initiatives underway across county government and identifies goals, targets, performance measures, and the priority actions going forward.

Two broad objectives for preparedness are outlined in the plan, supported by specific strategies. The primary objective related to County services is to work with local cities and other partners to identify and adapt to the impacts of climate change on natural systems, human health, public safety, infrastructure, and the economy.  The priority actions related to these objectives of preparing for climate change impacts are to: manage flood risk; educate and train the public and staff; develop preparedness plans; integrate climate change issues into emergency management; plan for impacts on public health; and to further develop the reclaimed water program.

The SCAP also includes performance measures and targets, examples of existing actions and programs, and priority actions that the County will take to achieve each goal. It lists the accountable agencies in each area as well as relevant plans and policies that can be consulted for additional guidance and details. In 2015 King County updated this plan, as required by Ordinance 17270. The 2015 SCAP includes analyses of technical, cost effectiveness, efficacy, equity, and funding issues for existing and potential new objectives, strategies and priority actions.



Publication Date: December 3, 2012

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