Our Coast, Our Future

The Our Coast, Our Future (OCOF) project provides online maps and tools of local sea level rise and storm vulnerability within the San Francisco Bay Area, California. OCOF has modelled coastal impacts such as water levels, wave heights, flooding, and erosion; and mapping infrastructure and ecosystem vulnerabilities at scales relevant to planning and management. 

OCOF is a decision-support tool that can be used to assess current and projected sea level rise impacts for climate change adaptation planning. An online mapping viewer is available and can be an effective tool for public engagement, with either printed or digital maps and scenario tables. 

OCOF’s ‘Adaptive Planning Toolbox’ includes:

• Seamless Digital Elevation Model (DEM) at 2 meter horizontal resolution for the San Francisco Bay Area.
• Suite of sea level rise projections between 0-2 meters, with a 5 meter extreme, plus storm scenarios using the Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS).
• Interactive maps overlaying infrastructure and ecosystem vulnerabilities.
• Online and downloadable data access for use in restoration, adaptation and response planning, tailored to stakeholders’ information needs.
• Report presenting the project findings and assessing impacts

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