PlaNYC 2030 - A Greener Greater New York

First released in 2007, PlaNYC was an unprecedented effort undertaken by New York City Mayor Bloomberg to prepare the city for one million more residents, strengthen the economy, combat climate change, and enhance the quality of life for all New Yorkers. The Plan brought together over 25 City agencies to work toward the vision of a greener, greater New York.

PlaNYC set out to achieve ten key goals for the City's sustainable future, covering the areas of land, water, transportation, energy air, and climate change. The climate change section of the 2007 plan includes a city-wide strategic planning process for climate change adaptation. This includes a commitment to create a strategic planning process to adapt to climate change impacts, ensure that New York City's Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) 100-year floodplain maps are updated, document the City's floodplain management strategies to secure discounted flood insurance for New Yorkers, and amend the building code to address the impacts of climate change. Over 97% of the 127 initiatives in PlaNYC were launched within one-year of its release and almost two-thirds of its 2009 milestones were achieved or mostly achieved.

An updated plan was released in 2011. This update has 132 initiatives and more than 400 specific milestones for December 31, 2013 (See the Implementation chapter for specific agency assignments by initiative). The Climate Change section includes 13 initiatives to support both mitigation and adaptation activities. Adaptation related initiatives again include working with FEMA to update 100-year flood maps; updating building regulations; working with the insurance industry to encourage flood protection measures in buildings; mitigating urban heat island effect; integrating climate change projections into emergency management planning; and working with communities to increase their climate resilience. The Waterways chapter of the plan includes green infrastructure initiatives to better manage stormwater and strategies to protect and restore wetlands, aquatic systems, and ecological habitats. The Public Health chapter provides an overview of the issues and refers readers to other chapters that define related initiatives, such as the Climate Change, Water Supply, and Air Quality chapters.

Annual progress reports are available on the PlaNYC website.

Publication Date: April 2011

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