Resilient San Francisco - Stronger Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

San Francisco’s Resilience Strategy is built around four goals which address six key challenges that face the City including earthquakes, climate change, sea level rise, aging infrastructure, social inequity, and “unaffordability.”

The four goals of the strategy are:

1: Plan and Prepare for Tomorrow

2: Retrofit, Mitigate and Adapt

3: Ensure Housing for San Franciscans Today and After a Disaster

4: Empower Neighborhoods Through Improved Connections

San Francisco integrates equity considerations into each of its goals. The plan outlines the city's commitment to expand access to mental health services, retrofit soft-story homes that often house low-income residents and are vulnerable to seismic hazards, ramp up efforts to rehouse homeless populations before and after disasters through subsidies, enhance trust in public safety officials, and leverage more funding to expand affordable housing, among other initiatives.

Each goal contains a series of actions aimed at making progress on the goals - and a series of metrics to evaluate progress on the goals.   

Action 4 (under Goal 2) is to Adapt San Francisco to Climate Change. The supporting initiatives described for this adaptation strategy are to:

  • Develop a sea level rise adaptation plan
  • Launch a regional waterfront design challenge
  • Promote community health through preparing for climate change
  • Support urban watershed planning

Overall indicators were established to measure progress in Goal 2 - Retrofit, Mitigate and Adapt. San Francisco intends to:

- Retrofit the homes of 180,000 San Franciscans by 2025.

- Reach greenhouse gas reduction goals by 2025, through zero waste, 50 percent of all trips on sustainable transportation and 100 percent renewable sources of energy.

- Complete a disaster-resilient waterfront by 2040.

Along with the launch of this strategy a new office is being established within the San Francisco City Administrator’s Office - the Office of Resilience and Recovery. This office will be charged with managing the city’s ongoing resilience challenge, and earthquake preparedness and recovery work.


Resilient San Francisco was produced with support from the Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities initiative. The Strategy was developed in partnership with the public, private, and nonprofit sector, along with local community leaders and stakeholders.



Publication Date: April 18, 2016

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