City of Chicago Analysis of Economic Impacts from Climate Change

The Chicago Climate Task Force was created to identify likely climate change scenarios for the city, identify key areas of focus based on economic impacts and the ability of the city to address them, and develop a specific set of adaptation options.

One in a series of impact assessments commissioned by the Task Force, this presentation synthesizes the consulting firm's analysis of the economic impacts of climate change on the City of Chicago as modeled for the years 2010-2099. Specifically, the effects of increases in average temperature, average precipitation, extreme heat days, and extreme precipitation events were evaluated for impacts to transportation systems, stormwater management, buildings and other infrastructure, recreation and tourism, local food supply, and the insurance industry.

The scope of this analysis is limited to the City government and related agencies' cost and revenues. The impacts were modeled under both high and low emission scenarios. This presentation does not contain the full analysis of climate impacts, or the total economic impact on Chicago.

Publication Date: April 15, 2008

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  • Craig Faris

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  • Assessment

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