Responding to Climate Change in New York State: ClimAID Integrated Assessment for Effective Climate Change Adaptation - Synthesis Report

Prepared for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), this state-level assessment provides information on New York's vulnerability to climate change and is specifically designed to assist in the development of adaptation strategies. The Integrated Assessment for Effective Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in New York State (also known as "ClimAID") provides information on climate change impacts and adaptation options for eight sectors in New York including water resources, coastal zones, ecosystems, agriculture, energy, transportation, public health and telecommunications.

Within each of the eight sectors, climate risks, vulnerabilities, and adaptation strategies are identified. Case studies are used to illustrate the linkages among these climate impacts and adaptation, and demonstrating specific monitoring needs. Across all of the sectors, equity and environmental justice is addressed - the report stating that climate change vulnerabilities and capacities to adapt are uneven across regions, individuals, and social groups. Particularly vulnerable social groups, as well as the risks to other species and ecosystems, are described for each sector. A detailed economic assessment, regarding the monetary costs of climate change impacts and related adaptation measures, is provided for a case study in each sector also.

The ClimAID report includes some general recommendations for potential actions that can be taken by policy-makers, managers, and researchers, to help make New York more resilient to climate risk. The assessment advocates the need for increased scientific and technical capabilities to be integrated in adaptation strategies that involve the developing economy and infrastructure of the state. More consistent interaction between scientists and policy-makers - to ensure that science better informs policy - is also encouraged for all adaptation planning for New York. 

Initiated in 2008, ClimAID is funded by NYSERDA as part of its Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection Program (EMEP). The author team for this report is composed of university and research scientists from Columbia University, the City University of New York, and Cornell University - specialists in climate change science, impacts, and adaptation.

 NYSERDA also published supplementary materials and a full technical report as companions to this report.  


Publication Date: November 2011

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  • Cynthia Rosenzweig
  • W. Solecki
  • A. DeGaetano
  • M. O'Grady
  • S. Hassol
  • P. Grabhorn

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