Safeguarding California: Reducing Climate Risk - 2014 Update to the 2009 CA Climate Adaptation Strategy

The California Natural Resources Agency, in coordination with other state agencies, updated the 2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy in 2014 and again in 2018. The 2014 Safeguarding California Plan augments previously identified strategies in light of advances in climate science and risk management options.

Safeguarding California provides climate adaptation policy guidance for state decision makers. The plan highlights the state's climate risks, details progress to date for each focal sector, and provides numerous actionable sector-specific recommendations. Nine sectors are addressed including: Agriculture, Biodiversity and Habitat, Emergency Management, Energy, Forestry, Ocean and Coastal Ecosystems and Resources, Public Health, Transportation, and Water.

The 2014 plan does not replace the 2009 Adaptation Strategy, rather it builds upon the existing strategy while addressing gaps in the state’s preparation for climate risks. The update adds a chapter on Emergency Management and divides the Energy and Transportation section into two distinct chapters. Each sector chapter features its own recommendations; and cross-sectoral strategies are presented in the introduction, and incorporated throughout the plan.

The seven cross-sectoral strategies identified are: 

  • All core functions of government must make the risks Californians face from a changing climate an integral part of their activities.
  • Provide risk reduction measures for California’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Identify significant and sustainable funding sources for investments that reduce climate risks, human loss, and disaster spending.
  • Support continued climate research and data tools to inform policy and risk reduction activities.
  • Maximize returns on investments by prioritizing projects that produce multiple benefits and promote sustainable stewardship of California’s resources.
  • Prioritize climate risk communication, education, and outreach efforts to build understanding among all Californians.
  • Promote collaborative and iterative processes for crafting and refining climate risk management strategies.




Publication Date: July 31, 2014

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